Healthcare Executives: Increased Communication Will Reshape Treatment For Patients


A group of health executives recently had a discussion on the future of healthcare at TechCrunch Disrupt, a conference for technology startups.

Livongo Health chief executive, Glen Tullman, said, “What we’re seeing now is the consumerization of healthcare.” According to the article from TechCrunch, the health executives “share a belief that diagnostic monitoring and increased communication with physicians and a broader healthcare community can reshape treatment for those with chronic and acute conditions.”

Big Health executive, Peter Hames, said, “We start to make behavioral medicine scalable, affordable, and evidence based.” Hames and the other executives want to use technology to give doctors more information about their patients quicker, so they can in turn make better decisions.

The Affordable Care Act changes the way physicians are reimbursed. Under the ACA, physicians are rewarded for patient outcomes and not for procedures performed. The innovations heralded by these health executives will allow physicians to perform better preventive medicine and achieve a more cost-efficient healthcare process.

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