Healthcare IT Spending Trend Needs To Change


In a recent article published by CIO, author Brian Eastwood describes how the healthcare industry must change the way they procure information technology (IT) in order to successfully adapt to changing market conditions. Organizations spend a tremendous amount of money annually on IT initiatives, mainly in the areas of architecture and electronic health records (EHR). Eastwood maintains that this method of spending “has the dual effect of adding little value and leaving little room for transformative innovation.” In order to remain competitive, healthcare organizations must focus their spending on value-adding projects and initiatives.

Scott Lundstrom, group vice president at IDC Health Insights, believes “healthcare consumers aren’t afraid of innovation, citing the increasing numbers of patients who bypass primary care physicians for retailers such as CVS or Walmart when they need to treat minor ailments.” Healthcare providers, however, are having a difficult time dealing with change. Lundstrom goes on to highlight what he sees as the top six factors disrupting healthcare today.

One area where some members of the healthcare industry are looking to innovate is application development. Dr. Luis Saldana, CMIO at Texas Health Resources, says his “organization is dabbling in initiatives, such as expanded health information exchange and the use of patient-generated data, to build credibility and a culture of trust with patients and providers.” By working to improve customer engagement via the use of well-integrated applications, the healthcare industry could take an enormous step forward in IT. By embracing innovation and continuously working to find new ways to leverage IT, the healthcare industry could ensure continued success for many years to come.

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