Healthcare Still Needs Better Interoperability and Connectivity

Connected health infrastructure is a key binding agent for diverse devices and workflows, which helps improve diagnosis, monitoring and prevention. Alliances and gateways that engage interoperability and enable information sharing will go a long way in enhancing connectivity. The focus on interoperability in FDA guidelines is driving the development of the market for devices that harness interoperability and connectivity in healthcare.
CommonWell Health Alliance offers interoperability services that are built directly into EHR workflows. These EHRs includes patient identification and linking, record retrieval, patient access, privacy management, as well as certification and auditing services. CommonWell recently added 5 healthcare organizations into this service so that they will be able to share and exchange medical records with other regional doctors and even doctors nationwide who use CommonWell. Membership fees for the CommonWell Health Alliance range from $2,500 per year for NPO or government organizations to up to $75,000 per year for corporate members. As of April 2015, more than 60 provider sites across 15 states were live on CommonWell, allowing those providers to improve care for all of their patients. 

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