Why Healthcare Testing and Billing Feels Mafia Related; Kickbacks, Bribes, and Overbilling


Safety & Compliance Training Is Essential For All Medical Staff To Avoid Hefty Legal Fees.


Regulation around many aspects of healthcare are starting the fall apart as new unregulated products such as testing, compounded pharmaceuticals and customized compounded products hit the market. Doctors across the country have been cited and indicted for illegal practices with violations of federal Anti-Kickback Laws, Stark Laws, and violations of the Sunshine act.

In a market where opportunistic vendors prey on doctors and paint a picture of compliant practices, it is sometimes difficult to know what is pushing the legal limits. In New Jersey 31 defendants including 20 doctors recently plead guilty to such violations. This article can be seen here: New Jersey Test Referrals Scheme.

With regulators aware of such practices it is important for offices of all sizes to maintain proper compliance and train their staff on topics such as Federal Anti-Kickback, Stark Laws, and the Sunshine Act. These trainings could help prevent massive fines, jail time, and revocation of medical licenses.

Steve Gallion has been providing healthcare related compliance consulting and services to the industry for over 10 years. He has had multiple companies from IT Security Compliance and Healthcare Waste Management to Regulatory Training and Compliance. He is an expert in many areas of healthcare compliance including OSHA, HIPAA, DOT, Billing and Accreditation. You can learn more about Steve and his company at http://www.medtrainer.com