HIPAA Compliance Is Important For Doctors And Patients

Most people safeguard many aspects of their lives especially when it comes to money and financial matters. Would you trust a stranger to take your ATM card to your bank with your PIN number to withdraw money and bring it back to you? Probably not, however almost every single one of us gives access to our entire life when we allow total strangers working in a medical office to process and access our medical records and health related information.

Cyber security experts state that your healthcare records are worth 10X to thieves as your credit card numbers. Having new computer systems with the latest security features is only part of the steps you need to be taking to ensure patient information is protected. Having a sell trained staff on the ins and outs of HIPAA training is a key defense to protecting your patients information. Recently Chinese hackers breached Community Health Systems, Inc and stole 4.5 million patient records. This was one of the largest online thefts of patient information to date. Don't let something like this happen to your organization. Make sure your information is safe and your staff is properly trained. MedTrainer offers HIPAA courses as well as Social Media HIPAA courses to help protect you against a breach.

Steve Gallion has been providing healthcare related compliance consulting and services to the industry for over 10 years. He has had multiple companies from IT Security Compliance and Healthcare Waste Management to Regulatory Training and Compliance. He is an expert in many areas of healthcare compliance including OSHA, HIPAA, DOT, Billing and Accreditation. You can learn more about Steve and his company at http://www.medtrainer.com