How Does the ICD-10 Transition Hurt Physicians?


Republican Texas Representative Kevin Brady wrote a letter to CMS Administrator Andy Slavitt that presents a number of suggestions for ensuring that the ICD-10 transition does not cause too much disruption.

Some of the suggestions include sharing a contingency plan for how Medicare will process claims if the CMS is unable to process ICD-10 codes, expanding voluntary testing to providers, educating providers on resources and backup options available to avoid claim disruption, deciding if claims must include the highest level of specificity immediately upon the deadline or if more general codes will be accepted, and coordinating with non-Medicare health insurance payers. His letter was not a proposed legislation, but it did hint that the CMS might consider a grace period for providers after the October 1st effective date.

Written by Caroline Smith

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Caroline Smith is currently a senior at the University of Notre Dame and is a contributor to Medical Groups. She is majoring in Science-Business and Spanish. After graduation, Caroline plans on entering the field of healthcare consulting. She is most interested in the evolving policy changes in the healthcare industry and enjoys learning about new technologies that are being developed.