ICD-10: New Bill Proposes 2 Year Grace Period for Providers


On June 4th, U.S. Representative Gary J. Palmer (R-AL) presented his proposed bill, "Protecting Patients and Physicians Against the Coding Act of 2015." ICD-10 is scheduled to be in effect on October 1st, 2015, with no transition period. The proposed legislation would offer a 2- year grace period for providers in submitting claims for reimbursement. If the bill is passed, no claims submitted to the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid services would be denied based on the use of ICD-9 codes.

Written by Caroline Smith

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Caroline Smith is currently a senior at the University of Notre Dame and is a contributor to Medical Groups. She is majoring in Science-Business and Spanish. After graduation, Caroline plans on entering the field of healthcare consulting. She is most interested in the evolving policy changes in the healthcare industry and enjoys learning about new technologies that are being developed.