ICD-10 And The Similarities With Y2K


In a recent article on ICD10Watch.com, Carl Natale discusses the importance of thoroughly developing ICD-10 before it is implemented.

He compares the implementation of ICD-10 to Y2K—just likeY2K, many are worried of the “possible disastrous outcomes” ICD-10 may cause. Natale argues the anxiety is “the result of short-sighted planning.”

Although there have been many delays to the implementation of the standardized medical classification system, it is important that an adequate system is implemented to prevent consequences in the future. Deficiencies in the coding for particular diagnoses in ICD-10 could lead to trouble with reimbursements and standardization between different medical systems. There needs to be a thorough investigation of all the areas in the medical system using ICD-9 coding, and the potential effects updating to ICD-10 will have.

Summary By MedicalGroups.com

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