Imported Pharmaceutical Usage Increases In U.S.


It’s no secret that foreign prescription pills and other pharmaceutical products have been pouring into the United States more and more in recent years. However, the FDA’s recent “crackdown” on some of these foreign companies has failed to slow down the flood of these products.

One of the biggest countries for exporting these prescriptions is India. In fact, the FDA completely banned 21 different Indian pharmaceuticals plants last year. Even with this ban, India still accounts for approximately 40 percent of American generic drug imports.

Due to numerous foreign medical companies, like those found in India, has made it increasingly difficult for American companies to compete with these incredibly cheap, generic products. This is shown from the sheer fact that last year over 86% of prescriptions filled in the U.S. were generic rather than brand name.

Whether or not the recent restrictions placed by the FDA will be effective has yet to be seen.  However, as long as there is excessive U.S. demand for inexpensive pharmaceuticals, there will always be other countries eagerly profiting off of it.

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