Innovative Billing Management App Designed to Help Decrease Rising Healthcare Payments


   A recent Tech Crunch article by Jonathan Shieber highlights the release of a new billing management solution, created by Aver Informatics, designed to help curb rapidly growing healthcare payments. The new solution, which recently received $8.5 million in Series A funding, “groups treatments into what it calls ‘episodes of care’, and then generates a bill for the entire process of treating a health condition, rather than generating a separate charge for each discrete step in the process.”

   Kurt Brenkus, the visionary behind the app, believes millions could be saved by leveraging the power of big data and analytics. Drive Capital, one of the main investors in the app, sees significant value in the product. “By determining what are stand progressions of care with positive outcomes, Aver Informatics can create defined processes for the ideal course of treatment at the lower cost,” stated Ned Schwartz, a partner at the firm.

   The new software platform is continuing to gain traction. As the application continues to evolve, Aver Informatics is banking on organizations recognizing the significant impact that big data analytics can bring to their business. Technology is changing the game right before our eyes. As a physician, are you prepared to change with it?

By: Tyler Kehoe