Integrating Technologies Will Change Healthcare


Technology is transforming the healthcare industry by improving medical services for patients. There is a lot of opportunity in the healthcare industry through the integration of different technologies. For example, Uber, an app-based transportation network, undertook the initiative of delivering trained nurses with flu shots to people's doorsteps.

There are limitless possibilities for integration of technology. One scenario everyone faces is the chaos that results when you need to visit a doctor or have an ambulance come to your rescue. The precious time that is lost due to obstacles like uncertain traffic, deny patients the care that she or he immediately needs. One idea would be to design a product that combines ZocDoc, Uber, and Google's driverless car. ZocDoc allows you to schedule an appointment with a physician close to you, Uber locates a car closest to you, and Google's driverless technology takes you to the hospital.

In emergency situations, the driverless car can communicate with other cars and force them out of the way to reduce travel time. The car would also have information on the traffic patterns of the road so it can take the optimal route. Furthermore, there would be one trained paramedic in each car, all medical equipment would be stored in the car, and the patient would be able to lie down in the car.

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