iPads Prove Their Use In The Medical Field


In an article by Venture Beat, iPads prove their use in the medical field. Despite the popular argument that iPads are viewed as a distraction, physicians use iPads for reviewing medical images and entering notes into an Electronic Patient Records (EHR).

One app that is becoming popular amongst physicians is Drchrono which can be used for Apple products and Google Glass.

DrChrono, an app that is mainly used for medical purposes, is starting to become a popular and effective tool for physicians. What makes the app interesting is that it was the first to accept mobile payments into an EHR and also to create an EHR app for Google.

Direct Dermatology's Angela Walker states that Drchrono for Google Glass helps  because “[surgery is] a discipline where doctors’ hands might be busy a lot and Glass can be helpful . . . In any setting where your hands are tied, it can be useful.”

Due to the innovations that are occurring with iPads and Google Glass, expect to see more use of mobile technology in the medical field in the future.

Summary by MedicalGroups.com

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