Is there a Presidential Hopeful with a Plan to Salvage the Healthcare System?

The healthcare system is struggling yet there does not seem to be a Presidential candidate with a clear plan to fix it. Doctors and patients need a President to define what we need to do next to salvage the system. Firstly, the ACA needs to be re-examined and repealed since many patients are unable to afford care than previously and many more are facing additional costs due to the Act. Secondly, healthcare goals need to be redefined so that more enrollees are not just forced onto health insurance plans to increase profits for 3rd party insurers. Thirdly, we need more oversight and profit transparency of 3rd party insurance companies. There is a serious conflict of interest when a CEO is making over $30 million in a single year and simultaneously is denying many benefits.
Defensive medicine is driving up healthcare costs therefore we need a better arbitration system for disputing claims with insurance companies. One study showed that every 1 out of 4 healthcare dollars goes toward the practice of defensive medicine. Malpractice cases also should be decided by a panel of experts and not a sympathetic jury since the current system is just enriching lawyers and driving up costs. Lastly, the government should not intervene in every aspect of healthcare since most politicians do not have medical degrees and thus should not be making decisions that affect the health of so many Americans. At the end of the day, we need to get back to the true doctor-patient relationship and stop serving the personal agendas of politicians, lawyers, and 3rd party players.

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