Kansas Doctor Moves to Direct Care Model

Beginning September 1st, Dr. Andrea Herrera will begin practicing under a direct primary care model that she hopes will make healthcare more affordable and personal. The main difference with Herrera’s model from traditional family practices is that insurance companies will not be involved. Patients pay a monthly fee from $10 to $100 per month depending on their age to receive all the office care they need.

Herrera claims that this fee will include appointments, tests, and procedures. She plans to run her own pharmacy, perform lab work, and administer x-rays all at wholesale prices. Herrera believes that this type of care is best suited for those patients who cannot afford insurance, and she plans to accept 600 patients under the new model. The smaller patient pool will allow for her to build relationships with her patients because in the traditional healthcare model, more patients meant more money and less face time. Herrera can also be a lot more flexible in how she sees patients because she does not have to meet an insurance company’s standards to get paid. 

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