LA Times Endorses "Vote No" On California's Proposition 46


The LA Times has recently released its endorsement to vote No on Proposition 46.

It argues the sudden quadrupling of malpractice caps “would force doctors, hospitals and clinics to carry considerably higher levels of insurance, which would cost them more.” Providers would compensate by “treating fewer of the uninsured poor or cutting back on riskier practices, such as maternity care.”

Instead, the LA Times recommends a gradual increase in malpractice caps to adjust for inflation.

The LA Times also criticizes the legislature’s approach to reforming the CURES system, as “it would take the state weeks or months to register the roughly 170,000 healthcare providers who dole out dangerous drugs but haven't yet signed up for CURES.”

Additionally, the newspaper states, “there's no logic to the random testing proposed by Proposition 46.”

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