Mayo Clinic Partners With Leading Tech Companies To Innovate Healthcare


One of the leading medical organizations in the U.S., the Mayo Clinic, is partnering with technology companies to pioneer new healthcare innovations.

According to an article from Becker’s Hospital Review, the Mayo Clinic and IBM are teaming up to enable Watson, IBM’s supercomputer capable of understanding the human language, to assign patients to clinical trials. Normally, humans are assigned to complete this task but “by more quickly matching patients to clinical trials, researchers hope the timeline to new discoveries will [be] lessened.”

Not only will this technology aid physicians in providing higher levels of care, but using the IBM supercomputer to match patients to trials could also increase enrollment in clinical trials, which often aren’t completed due to lack of participants.

The Mayo Clinic is also partnering with Apple, and their unveiling of the smartwatch. This new health application marks an innovative entrance into the healthcare industry. The Mayo Clinic hopes to use the app to demonstrate how the data it gains can “flow into the more sophisticated management system of a major health care center.”

The symbiotic relationship between healthcare and technology companies is becoming more pronounced. Healthcare organizations are embracing technology as a way to provide higher quality of care and more efficient medical services, in addition to cutting internal costs. In return, technology companies like IBM and Apple are able to tap into a rapidly growing market.

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