Medicus Report Shows Many Physicians Regret Career Decision


According to a survey conducted by The Medicus Firm, a physician staffing company nearly a quarter of physicians claim that, given the opportunity again, they would not have chosen the same profession. Of the 2,272 physicians who took part in the survey, 61% claimed dissatisfaction in their income as the main reason for the change of heart. Dani Gordon of points out that 21% of doctors surveyed said they wouldn't enter the healthcare field at all; that number is astonishing. There is no denying that physicians are under extreme financial pressure whether it be from decreasing reimbursement rates or the needed investments in new healthcare and administrative technology.

It's becoming repetitive that more and more experts in the healthcare field are pointing to these reasons for the nationwide physician shortage, but this survey shows that the US has a severe problem on its hands. As physician burnout rates continue to increase, hopefully more financial education and increased income prospects for doctors can sway more students into choosing the profession.

By: Tommy King
Co-Founder & CEO