mHealth is Essential for Patient Engagement According to Health Execs


According to a poll administered by The Economist, 50% of the 144 healthcare executive leaders surveyed believe that patient engagement will rely mostly on mobile health over the next five years. mHealth technologies will offer patient personal health information, supplement population health management programs, and reduce overextended healthcare delivery systems. Moreover, 63% of respondents predict that access to health information will promote patients making better lifestyle decisions to improve their outcomes. Executives see the mHealth technology as essential to cutting costs and educating the public.

Despite the necessity of mHealth, few companies have developed a way to profit from their mHealth products. There seems to be little opportunity for revenue in mHealth under the current fee-for-service model. 40% of executives blame healthcare's resistance to change as the top obstacle for mobile health technologies, and another 37% attribute the problems for mHealth to organizations, who are unable to deal with the influx of patient information and engagement techniques. Currently, most mHealth devices and wearables are concentrated on health education. Hopefully, mHealth will be able to cut costs and improve patient contact in a meaningful way in the future.

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