Mobile Health Thriving with Over 165,000 Health Apps

According to a new report from the MS Institute for Healthcare Informatics, there are now more than 165,000 mobile health apps on the market. Health related apps have more than doubled over the past two years with approximately 12% of them accounting for 90% of all downloads. Nearly two thirds are focused on general wellness issues like fitness, lifestyle & stress, and diet. 

The mobile health industry continues to flourish and there are many useful platforms to help guide clinicians and patients as they search for apps or devices that fit their unique needs. IMS Health launched their AppScripts app prescribing platform for healthcare institutions and systems. iMedicalApps helps practices in their daily clinical practice by suggesting useful health management tools. The majority of prescribed apps focused on managing mental health, diet, fitness, and diabetes to aid continuous health management. The percentage of apps that allow patients to share data securely has remained low despite industry emphasis on health data sharing, but will likely grow in coming years.

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