More Healthcare Jobs May Equal More Costs

The healthcare industry remains exceptionally healthy: Hospitals, doctors, and other health care employers added 40,100 jobs in June, the latest big month for one of America’s most crucial economic sectors.

Health care’s growth rate has essentially tripled what it was a year ago. There’s one important downside of more healthcare jobs, of course: The probability of more health care costs. 

Simply because more people are employed in healthcare does not mean it is a positive change. Experts argue that having fewer employees and resources that can yield the same results would leave more money for other public and private priorities like education, food and shelter.

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Maya Haynes is a dual-degree student Boston University in Boston, Massachusetts with majors in sociology and public health, and a contributor to Medical Groups. She is committed to making sure vulnerable populations in the United States are provided with the knowledge and resources to best plan and care for their families. She regularly volunteers at local preschools and community centers to assess the needs to of the populations she plans on serving.