Mostashari Raises $30M to Expand Aledade


Current health care spending is progressively moving towards a more value-based payment arrangement that rewards high-quality patient care. Therefore, Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) are becoming essential for independent primary care physicians to manage the new health care economy by making it easier to increase quality and reduce costs. In just one year from leaving her government position, Farzad Mostashari, MD is making real strides in starting up her own company, Aledade. The company raised a substantial $30 million in a second round of funding led by ARCH Venture Partners. The funds will help Aledade realize its mission, which is to make it easy, profitable, and low-risk for independent primary care physicians to manage the new health care economy.

Aledade will help primary care practices deliver better care for patients at a lower cost.Many physicians in Aledade have been able to transform their practices, increasing preventive care visits by 400% and vaccination rates for patients by 250%. Aledade offers all practices same or next day appointments and 95% of Aledade ACO practices have 24/7 patient access to an on-call physician using an exclusive cloud-based technology and analytics platform.Aledade delivers customized health care technology, policy experts, and business transformation services to 100 physician practices in 10 states, which is very fast growing.

The immense new funding reflects a trend in health care, away from a fee-for-service system towards one focused on outcomes and value. In April, Congress voted to give doctors a 5% bonus for using alternate Medicare payment systems like ACOs. ACOs rewards doctors for keeping their patients healthy not just when they come in for an appointment, but even for communications outside of appointments where sound medical advice is keeping patients healthier longer. Ultimately, Aledade allows doctors to shift their focus away from running a business to what truly matters, offering patient’s quality health care 24/7.
Written by Alison Killian

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