How Much Does Fantasy Football Cost Businesses? $13.4 Billion


Benjamin Snyder of Fortune reports that the NFL's fantasy football phenomenon could cost businesses roughly $13.4 billion over the course of the season.  "Fantasy football uses real statistics from actual NFL players to create a points system that allows friends to compete against each another as pretend general managers of a fantasy football team."

The firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas calculated how much time it took for a person playing fantasy football to research for the draft and stay current with player stats. Snyder notes that according to the study: "The firm estimated 18.3 million employees play fantasy football on the job for two hours each week and multiplied that by the Bureau of Labor Statistic’s $24.45 hourly wage average. The result: $895 million lost each week."

The study also shows employees spend on average two hours per week researching or analyzing fantasy football news and statistics at the office. This clearly leads to a lack in productivity at the office, but it does not necessarily mean these numbers are bad.  Challenger, Gray & Christmas CEO, John A. Challenger points out that "there are more distractions than ever in today’s workplace.”

However, activities like these can boost team and employee morale as Challenger puts it some “Companies that not only allow workers to enjoy fantasy football, but actually encourage it by organizing a company leagues are likely to see significant benefits in morale, which, in turn leads to an overall boost in productivity as well as employee retention.”

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