Nashville's Booming Healthcare Industry Reaches Nearly $40B in Economic Impact

By 2022, one in six new jobs will be in healthcare across the country. In Tennessee, healthcare will account for one in every 11 new jobs with Nashville home to hundreds of companies that have a national and even global impact. Last year, healthcare contributed $38.8 billion and 249,345 jobs to Nashville’s regional economy. There are nearly 400 healthcare companies and another 400 professional service firms supporting those companies in the Nashville area. Globally, members of the Nashville Health Care Council employee more than 628,000 people with a total revenue of $144 billion. 
There are 15 major publicly traded companies that are based in the Nashville, including 3 of the 5 largest investor-owned hospital operators. Earlier this year, the leaders of the 3 hospital giants along with the leaders of Saint Thomas Health and Vanderbilt University Medical Center teamed up in an initiative advocating for "plug-and-play" hospital technology to integrate more technology in healthcare. Nashville is a destination for companies that want to work with hospital operators as well as initiatives to improve healthcare and the reach is truly global. The relationship between Nashville and the healthcare industry will continue to drive innovation and serve as a growing hub to the world’s brightest healthcare minds.

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