New Legislation Authorizes Direct Primary Care in Missouri

New legislation is empowering patients in Missouri by giving them more freedom to choose the healthcare plan that best fits their specific needs. House Bill 769 ultimately approved the Direct Primary Care model for healthcare delivery in Missouri. The new law allows for medical retainer agreements, which work in the same way a client would keep an attorney on retainer. Patients pay a set fee to a direct primary care practice and in return, they get total access to physicians in that practice. 
The new law provides a very effective and cost-efficient way for Missourians to manage their healthcare needs especially when combined with a low-cost “catastrophic” insurance policy. Senator Bob Onder, who handled the new law, says that, “Unlike the Obamacare plan, which is really just insurance reform not healthcare reform, this plan restores the power of healthcare decisions to you and your doctor.” The new measure will help reduce skyrocketing healthcare costs as well as return the focus of healthcare back to the well-being of patients.

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