New Study Shows Nurses Are Overworked Because Of Shortage


A new study, recently highlighted by the Houston Business Journal, suggests most nurses and physician’s assistants feel overwhelmed with their daily workload. Couple their challenging workload with a stressful work schedule, and the healthcare industry could have a real labor problem on their hands if left unaddressed. The Vickie Milazzo Institute (VMI) conducted the study, and their findings “revealed that 64 percent of the nurses surveyed rarely get 7 to 8 hours of sleep at night, and 77 percent said they do not eat properly during the day.”

Vickie Milazzo, president of the Vickie VMI, believes the problem is only in its infancy. Milazzo believes the healthcare industry must do everything possible to attract young females to become nurses. Healthcare providers need to develop creative new ways to attract top nursing talent. Offering innovative benefits aimed at reducing exhaustion and stress will be critical to maintaining a healthy pipeline of young nurses. Baby-boomers are already beginning to retire, and once the pace quickens, the healthcare industry might be left with a young, over-worked, and exhausted generation of nurses.

While many young graduates are taking the track to become nurses, there are still not enough. As hospitals take on more and more patients every year, the need for attentive, focused, and energetic staff members is more and more pertinent.

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