Newly Elected AMA President An Advocate For EHR Meaningful Use Flexibility


On Monday, the American Medical Association (AMA) elected emergency physician Steven J. Stack, M.D., as its next president. Stack will assume the presidency in June 2015 after serving as president-elect for one year.

"It is a deep honor and privilege to be named president-elect of an organization that is committed to serving as a strong physician voice and a dedicated patient advocate on the pressing health care issues confronting our nation," said Dr. Stack, according to an AMA press release. "With vision and perseverance, I look forward to creating a brighter future for patients and the medical profession." Stack will also hold the distinction of being the youngest AMA president in more than a century.

Dr. Stack is known as a major proponent for health IT advancements. He chaired the AMA’s Health Information Technology Advisory Group between 2007 and 2013. Notably, Stack also has extensive experience advising the federal government on health IT matters as a member of advisory groups to the Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) for Health Information Technology. Stack has used this role to criticize certain aspects of the federal EHR incentive program, arguing that CMS and ONC should loosen meaningful use Stage 2’s physician requirements. CMS recently proposed a rule allowing providers and physicians slated to upgrade to Stage 2 this year to remain in Stage 1 until 2015.

Dr. Stack has stated that he intends to focus on improving medical education and curbing diabetes and pre-diabetes.

By: Sy Mukherjee