How Will ObamaCare Affect The Economy? Economists Don't Know.


The National Association of Business Economists surveyed 230 of their members on the impact the Affordable Care Act would have on the United States economy. Their results: No one really knows.  Whether you're speaking with Republicans who tout that the law will damage growth or Democrats who believe the law is an anecdote for our nations economic woes, the truth is no one really knows.  If people tell you they do, they're lying.

42% of the economists polled stated there would be little impact on the economy while 30% stated the law would reduce growth. 18% believed it would increase growth and 10% didn't know or had no opinion. It is far too early to tell, on either side of the argument, how the Affordable Care Act will affect the United States in terms of economic growth.

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Image via National Association of Business Economists for the Washington Post