Nurses Can Transform Healthcare


Usually, doctors are viewed as the leaders in a medical setting. Allowing nurses the opportunity to do so as well could be beneficial.

In 2012, the American Association of Critical Care Nurses created the Clinical Scene Investigator Academy. The goal of this 16-month program is to “empower bedside nurses as clinician leaders and change agents whose initiatives quantifiably improve the quality of patient care and hospital bottom lines.  Teams in Texas, North Carolina, Indiana, and Massachusetts have completed the program, and initial results point to anticipated savings of $21 million.”

So far, the program has “decreased patient length of stay in ICUs and progressive care units by up to a full day.  They decreased by one day the time patients needed support from a mechanical ventilator.  And they cut in half ICU complications and infections.”

Redefining the role of medical providers who aren’t physicians could be an effective way of cutting medical costs.

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