Overcoming the Fear of Change


Change... Change enters our lives every day. Growth and change is a biological inevitablity. It's something none of us can avoid, and yet, almost all of us try. The fear of change prevents us from seizing so many opportunities in our lives and is something that very few of us will admit, we suffer from.

In my career, I've delt with countless healthcare professionals who will openly admit to me that they are experiencing issues, yet will make every allowance for themselves and their staff to hold on to "Status-Quo".

Why is it that so many of us have the aptitude to see the problems we face, yet lack the courage to risk change?

In my opinion, it comes right down to our inate fear of the unkown. We ask ourselves.. "Who knows if change will be the answer? Who knows if this new direction is the right one?" The safety in mediocrity makes the limitations we live under more comfortable.

Overcoming this fear of change is something I've personally tried to figure out for a long time. Not only for myself, but for the countless small medical practices that I speak with about their issues.

What I've found is that the biggest step in Overcoming the Fear of Change is the personal committment to improvement. Until we make the decision to commit to improvement, nothing ever changes. This comittment is nothing more than a decision. The problem for most of us is that, as simple of a decision as this might be, it's still one of the hardest ones to make.

If you're someone who needs a change, and are too reluctant to make it happen, just commit.

Written by Matt Kelly

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Matt Kelly has spent the last 6 years working directly with medical practices and medical billing companies to assess and help solve some of the most common and costly practice management and revenue cycle management issues effecting those in healthcare today.  Through the implementation of easy and affordable technology, and proper planning, he has worked with thousands of medical providers to change the way they practice medicine for the better. Areas of expertise include EHR, Practice Management, RCM and Social Media Marketing.

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