Why Patients Are Voting "NO" On California's Proposition 46


Blogger Erin Vest, who has lupus, writes about why she is against Proposition 46.

The California ballot measure up for vote this November will require doctors to check patients’ narcotics prescription history before prescribing those types of medication, in addition to raising caps for malpractice suits and requiring doctors to undergo mandatory drug testing.

Her chronic condition requires her to take a large amount of medication. With the new legislation, getting this medication—which she requires to function properly—would be exponentially more difficult.

She also points to the fact that the CURES system is faulty and the creator of the website believes it will be unable to handle the increase in use Proposition 46 would create.

This legislation could prevent her from gaining access to medication she needs in emergency situations.

The biggest proponents for this legislation are law firms, which would gain vast financial profit by increasing the volume of lawsuits of filed against physicians. If passed, the proposition would significantly increase medical costs in California.

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