Physician Engagement Has Never Been More Important


Hospitals frequently ignore the concept of physician engagement, which is a mistake because one should try to take advantage of the benefits that result from an engaged clinical workforce. Engage employees are those who are loyal to their employers and willing to work with others to improve the organization. Gallup Business Journal published an article that assessed hospital systems.

One hospital system found that engaged physicians are 26% more productive than those who are less engaged, which could result in an additional $460,000 annually in patient revenue per physician. Gallup found that disengaged physicians have a lack or trust in their employers and also claim that their employers do not request their input.

In order to improve physician engagement, Gallup recommends that hospital leaders ask a group of physicians to evaluate the hospital's communication processes and identify areas where physicians could participate more. Hospitals should also have physicians work with nurses and other caregivers to identify engagement issues. This is also instrumental to improving the communication between the physicians and the medical staff. Physicians should also align their professional goals with that of their companies.

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