Physician Readiness Is Vital For ICD-10 Prep


A recent survey reveals many healthcare organizations are still unprepared for the implementation of ICD-10. An article from Fierce Health IT reports only “11 percent of healthcare organizations said they are fully ready to implement the new coding system.” Some numbers from the survey Fierce Health IT points out are:

  • 45% of the participants of the survey were unsure how much the delay of ICD-10 would cost them
  • 55% of participants believed the delay wouldn’t allow IT staff to improve the system
  • A majority of those surveyed believe the delay would not affect Stage 2 requirements

Andy Arends from Healthcare IT News states, “ICD-10 presents an opportunity for both physicians and health plans to forge a collaborative relationship that will lower the administrative hassles and costs for both.”

Further delays in the implementation of ICD-10 will only increase the costs medical practices will face as the new system is implemented.  In order to protect from revenue loss, it may be in a physician’s best interest to collaborate with health plans to ensure the most accurate codes are created.

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