Physician Shortage Poses Major Problem for Healthcare Industry


In this article by the Houston Biz Journal, the main problem is that the residency slots available for physicians are beginning to decrease. If this problem is not rectified, then the industry will face a shortage of physicians.

According to a study from the Physician’s Foundation, 81% of doctors felt overworked. In 2012, that number was around 75%.

Craig Cordola, CEO of Memorial Hermann Texas Medical Center asserts “As a country, if we're going to the meet the need for our aging population, we're definitely going to need to make sure that trained physicians coming out of schools are able to get the appropriate residency slots,”

Cordola’s solution to this problem are "… to look at the entire workforce of health care professionals and make sure they're all practicing to the maximum of their license," Cordola said. "And at the same time, perhaps training people in specific skills so nurses can do nursing and not be burdened with routine tasks other people could be trained to do."

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