How Do Physicians Receive Their News?


A recent article from LinkedIn discusses the various way physicians receive their news.

According to a study, “61% of all US physicians are accessing clinical news on a daily basis – 1/3 of those daily users are accessing several times a day.”

Most physicians are accessing this news via tablet. Additionally, “Among those using a mobile device to access clinical news daily, 29% are only using a mobile device to access clinical news. In other words, among those using a mobile device to access clinical news – almost 1 in 3 have decided that their mobile is their sole source for clinical news (with regard to a device).”

According to LinkedIn, the “implication of mobile first clinical news is that clinical information and medical updates will move and diffuse faster over time… Optimizing clinical news for a clinical audience remains in the early stages (in terms of innovation) but is likely (and expected) that publishers and brands seeking to push relevant information – and engage with physicians – will increasingly embrace the unique nature and power of mobile (and the social layer) as part of their overall strategy in the coming years.”

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