Poor Protocol In Texas Sheds Light On The Importance Of It In Healthcare


As more news emerges, the American healthcare system seems to have been gravely unprepared to deal with the Ebola Virus.

The Washington Post reports a CDC official as saying “The hospital that treated Ebola victim Thomas Eric Duncan had to learn on the fly how to control the deadly virus, adding new layers of protective gear for workers in what became a losing battle to keep the contagion from spreading.”

While the CDC had an official present at the Texas Hospital, the hospital largely implemented its own infection control.

The article reports “At least 76 workers were potentially exposed to Duncan in the hospital before he died Oct. 8, and they are being monitored daily for any signs of fever or other symptoms.”

Now, extra careful caution is being taken in hospitals as a result of the first outbreak in the United States.

Summary by MedicalGroup.com

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