Prediction of Healthcare CIOs in 2020


In this article by CIO, CIOs (Chief Information Officer) are facing a huge problem. Jim Trumbull, CIO for University of Utah Health Care, states that hospital IT departments are facing an intense time. As a result of the federal meaningful use incentive program, most have been busy with electronic health record (EHR) implementation.

Most have hired outside help for this purpose as well. Due to the confusion, busy timelines, and the separation of the CIOs, it has become hard for them to keep up with the progressions of the current healthcare system.

Rick Schooler addresses the main issue every CIO face is “too much things going on at once.” At a discussion panel, Schooler, Trumball and Edward Marx addressed the topic of the evolving role of healthcare. They believe that through partnership and collaboration CIOs can create future success within their field.

Trumbull feels that CIOs can improve relations through informal meetings. Additionally, he believes that by instilling success amongst the staff within the lower levels of an organization, morale within the IT department will boost.

In 2020 they predict that through collaboration, CIOs will be able to thrive in the future.

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