Proposition 46 Will Cause Significant Financial Harm To Community Clinics And Health Centers


On the ballot this November in the California election is Proposition 46, which will increase medical malpractice caps for all physicians. If passed, this legislature could have detrimental effects on community clinics and health centers.

The biggest proponents of the legislature are lawyers who can use the increase in malpractice caps to create more lawsuits against physicians. As a result, this will only increase malpractice and liability rates.

The proposition will “significantly increase costs for all health centers at the worst possible time, just as health centers are trying to manage implementation of the Affordable Care Act. Prop. 46 also mandates use of the CURES prescription drug database, jeopardizing patient access to medications, slowing physician patient visits, and creating new privacy concerns for patients.”

Essentially all physician organizations in the state are against this legislation. Proposition 46 could have devastating effects on medical practices and hospitals in California.

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