Putin's Healthcare Debacle Puts U.S. in Good Light


Russian President Vladimir Putin’s medical reform program has caused a lot of distress among his greatest political supporters, state employees. Moscow doctors claim that the plan was clandestine and was only revealed when a document leaked that authorities plan to close over 20 hospitals and fire 7,000 healthcare professionals. Last Sunday, 5,000 people marched in Moscow protesting the healthcare reform. Authorities claim that the hospitals they plan to close underperformed.

Most Russians believe that medical care should be free like it was during the Soviet Union, however little changes have been made since that era. The clinics are always cramped and in poor shape, so Russians struggle to understand why they would continue to cut them. In the past few years, Moscow has cut clinics from 402 down to 86.

Yan Vlasov, a ministry of health official, advises, “Moscow’s medical reform should be conducted in dialogue with the public.”

Summary by MedicalGroups.com

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