RelayHealth Launches to Assist in Final ICD-10 Prep

RelayHealth just released, a web tool that tracks how well healthcare providers are managing their claims under ICD-10 coding. The site features key performance indicators including days to final bill, days to payment, denial rates, reimbursement rates, and real-time national trends. The portal also reveals indicators for cardiology, OB/GYN, radiology and orthopedics, which have the most problematic codes, resulting in delayed reimbursements and denials.  
In addition to real-time analytics, the site also includes ICD-10 coding guidance to help healthcare providers avoid coding errors. For example, the system flags generic codes and suggests more detailed codes to prevent denials. CMS said it will not deny claims within the first year of implementation as long as providers use the right ICD-10 family. Commercial insurers on the other hand are not so forgiving. To help avoid denials in that sector, RelayHealth's portal has a section where commercial payers can explain their guidelines for ICD-10 claims and share their advice about claims and coding.

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