Republican Wave Places a Threat to the Affordable Care Act


In this recent article by Forbes, the Affordable Care Act is undergoing a huge challenge due to a new wave of Republicans that were elected in last week’s mid-term elections. Some changes are already receiving attention and could be implemented quickly. Additionally, there are bigger changes that might receive popular support.

One of the changes is the repeal of the medical device tax. This excision gained bi-partisan support before the election.

Another target would be the set statute of workers having a 30 hour workweek. This encourages employers to convert workers into part time employees in order to be exempt from the ACA’s mandates.

If Republicans are strategic and organized, they can start to easily cut away at the small aspects of the Affordable Care Act. If they gain control of the White House in 2016, they could start creating the framework for a better market alternative. While there are flaws in the law, Americans are better off for the operation.

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