As Revenue Falls, Doctors And Medical Groups Turn To Digital Marketing


A recent article from Advertising Age discusses the use of online marketing by hospitals and medical providers as a way to increase falling revenue. Many medical providers “are turning to search, mobile and social for cost-effective marketing that reaches the growing number of consumers who look online for health-care information.”

Usually, the Internet is the first place patients turn to gain more medical knowledge. Therefore, it is a logical place for organizations to post things like “banners, patient testimonials, health guides and service-line-specific ads” that patients will encounter when they search for information.

Medical providers who create apps that help patients with various medical needs or conditions can also integrate features within these apps that will help connect patients with care. Additionally, social media gives medical providers and patients a place to post testimonials and reviews that can attest to a hospital’s quality of care.

Physicians should consider using online advertising as a way to connect potential patients with their services.

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