So, What Will the Future of EHRs Look Like?


The Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association has put together a task force to try and tackle the issues facing current EHR systems, according to Healthcare IT News.

So, what will the future of EHRs look like?

Well, hopefully less like Windows ‘95 and more something more like a google drive. The EHR of the future will:

  1. Be compatible with other operating systems
  2. Not only allow for, but also promote innovation
  3. Simplify billing
  4. Enable documents to be tailored to individual's needs and extend beyond acute care management

To good to be true?

Officially, only time will tell. However, with frustrated doctors, frustrated consumers, and a frustrated government, hopefully the companies causing this frustration will be able to meet the consumer’s needs in the next five years.

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David Eisenberg is currently a medical student at The Commonwealth Medical College in Scranton, PA, and a contributor to Medical Groups. David believes that it is critically important for physicians to not only be well rounded clinically, but also financially. In an ever changing healthcare system, David hopes to help physicians not only understand how to successfully navigate the dynamic healthcare landscape, but also how to take a leadership role in continuing to develop the medical profession that so many have diligently dedicated their life’s work to. In addition to contributing to Medical Groups, David works with, as well as helps to run an app for pre-med students that he co-founded, PreMD Tracker.

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