Social Media in Healthcare, What's Working?

Over the past few months, we've been following the mountains of content being shared online regarding social media in healthcare.. mainly through social media.  It dawned on us that those who find this content while surfing their timelines probably already understand how to use social media.  We asked ourselves: how can we get some of this information in the hands of those who aren't using these platforms?  

When my team and I speak with healthcare professionals on a daily basis, we try to share a few of the following thoughts on what's working, and what they should check out.

We noticed that many of the webinars we sat in on were doing something we had seen before, in offering an Ebook.  "Eureka! (typed sarcastically..) Maybe we try an Ebook too?!"  A week later, we released 5 Ways Medical Professionals can Grow Using Linkedin, which has had a pretty decent response, so far.  This was designed to be a quick starter guide for medical professionals, who are looking for reasons to put time into building their networks and online presence.  If you're reading this, it probably doesn't offer anything you dont already know, as a consumer of information you found on linkedin already.  For those who are not surfing this site periodically, it might be a good first step, and something they can download, print, and read over coffee.

Other than Linkedin, I've been active on Twitter for about a year now, as @executiveHIT, and have found a small website sharing amazing content.  This wasn't necessarily a blog, but more of a curation of some of the best stuff out there.  @medicalgroups headed by CEO Tommy King is growing quickly as a trusted source for great content.  Content curation is growing, and with that, content quality, as well.

Lastly, the next big thing we think could be great for the healthcare comminuty is a site called This social network allows you to follow groups of people organizing "Meet ups" for a common purpose or interest.  We see this as a possible new way to network with your patients, colleagues, and especially for potential support groups for our heros in Mental Health counselling.

Give these a few minutes of your time as you continue to browse. You might just see something interesting!

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Matt Kelly has spent the last 6 years working directly with medical practices and medical billing companies to assess and help solve some of the most common and costly practice management and revenue cycle management issues effecting those in healthcare today.  Through the implementation of easy and affordable technology, and proper planning, he has worked with thousands of medical providers to change the way they practice medicine for the better. Areas of expertise include EHR, Practice Management, RCM and Social Media Marketing.

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