Study Shows ER Visits Have Increased Under ObamaCare


A major problem facing the U.S. Healthcare System is that too many uninsured patients are using the emergency room (ER) for standard medical care. The Affordable Care Act was intended to decrease these types of visits but a survey conducted by The American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) found that three-quarters of the ER doctors surveyed saw an increase of visits to the ER according to Peter Sullivan of

This problem has a lot to do with the primary care physician shortage and the fact that many healthcare providers receive extremely low reimbursements from these visits. Dr. Michael Gerardi, president of the ACEP echoed these sentiments "America has severe primary care physician shortages, and many physicians will not accept Medicaid patients because Medicaid pays so inadequately... just because people have health insurance does not mean they have access to timely medical care.”

Due to the primary care physician shortage and the inability to access appropriate appointment times, patients are still relying on emergency rooms for basic care even though they now have health insurance. It will be interesting to see how the "doc shortage" is handled going forward.

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