Telemedicine Beyond Prescriptions


“[We] provide patients with personalized technical information that they can use to empower themselves to find the best care in their community” - Dr. Rebecca Kaltman. Interview by The Doctor’s Channel. May 21, 2015.

Cancer is already a frightening word, and even more frightening for those who have suffered with this terrible disease. Cancer patients find themselves working to navigate a long list of complex medical information, doctors appointments and rigorous treatment.

Dr. Rebecca Kaltman decided to take matters into her own hands to help empower patients to more effectively navigate this complex and scary time, with the creation of Breast Cancer Consultants.

How does Breast Cancer Consultants help?

  • Provides expert second opinions
  • Assists with clinical trial placement
  • Provides ongoing medical support

With the ease of gaining access to information in the comfort of ones home, telemedicine platforms like Breast Cancer Consultants have the opportunity to really improve patient satisfaction and comfort.

What can the doctor do?

With a million moving parts in the medical field right now, many doctors feel overwhelmed. However, doctors becoming well rounded with resources like Breast Cancer Consultants, can help to further develop a team based approach to care and hopefully improve their patient’s outcomes as well.

It is important that doctors evaluate different telemedicine platforms, find the one that suits them and their patients best, and start to utilize it as part of standard patient care, when applicable.

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David Eisenberg is currently a medical student at The Commonwealth Medical College in Scranton, PA, and a contributor to Medical Groups. David believes that it is critically important for physicians to not only be well rounded clinically, but also financially. In an ever changing healthcare system, David hopes to help physicians not only understand how to successfully navigate the dynamic healthcare landscape, but also how to take a leadership role in continuing to develop the medical profession that so many have diligently dedicated their life’s work to. In addition to contributing to Medical Groups, David works with, as well as helps to run an app for pre-med students that he co-founded, PreMD Tracker.

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