The Real Winners in Healthcare Are Not Doctors, It's the Healthcare Executives


Last month, Medicare released exact dollar reimbursements for every physician in the U.S. that accepts Medicare.  The numbers were startling to some observers.  However, the real winners in the healthcare system aren't always the highly trained and educated physicians, instead they are healthcare executives.  You would expect the personnel providing the care would be the largest breadwinners, but in reality it is the ones who are overseeing the business side of medicine that take-home the biggest piece of the pie. Elisabeth Rosenthal's article describes a report for the New York Times byCompdata Surveys.  The results are shocking.  A general physician averaged $185,000 while a surgeon averages $306,000.  This is compared to $584,000 for a health insurance company CEO and $386,000 for a hospital system CEO.

Rosenthal also points out that the gap between the highest and lowest paid members in the healthcare field is larger than any other industry.  Nurses make on average $61,000 a year while a medical technician makes roughly $27,000.  Many people get the wrong impression when they see Medicare releasing reimbursement numbers. They fail to include the real dollar costs of running medical practices.  Physicians are being thrown under the bus, support staff seems underpaid, and high paid executives sail off into the sunset.

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