Turning Doctors Into Business Robots is Bad For Everyone

According to a headline in a local newspaper, SystemCare Health in NJ promoted a graduate of college to the position of Senior Director of Doctivity. Doctivity was not easily defined on the Internet, so Walter Brasch curiously did some digging into SystemCare Health’s website. The principle of doctivity is to help physicians reach their financial goals quicker. Ideally, doctivity will relieve physicians who are burdened with a lack of resources and operational constraints, and instead increase physician productivity.

As a result of this “doctrine of doctvity” healthcare has evolved from care and compassion to a business model aimed at maximizing profits and ROI. Similar to a factory where workers are paid by the amount of products they produce, physicians are also paid based on how many patients they see every shift. If you spend too much time with a patient, then you lose productivity. When hospitals set up doctivity programs, physicians are sacrificing the art and science of medicine.

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