U.S. Jumps 8 Spots on Global Retirement Security Index


The 2015 Natixis Global Retirement Security Index ranked Switzerland first out of 150 countries for its annual ranking of the wellbeing and "life conditions" that retirees can expect. The Global Retirement Index examines the countries in 20 different trends in the fours categories of health, material well-being, finances, and quality of life and determines how likely a comfortable retirement is for their citizens.

The following are the top 20 countries for retirement security in 2015:

1) Switzerland 2) Norway 3) Australia 4) Iceland 5) Netherlands 6) Sweden 7) Denmark 8) Austria 9) Germany 10) New Zealand 11) Luxembourg 12) Canada 13) Finland 14) Korea 15) Czech Republic 16) Belgium 17) Japan 18) France 19) United States 20) Slovenia.

The U.S. moved from 22 to 14 in ranking of finances in retirement, which can be attributed to the growth in domestic product, low interest rates and low inflation. However, the increasing debt of the government is threatening retirement as the U.S. population continues to live longer. The U.S. also ranked 19 in health and 25 in quality of life. It ranked 37 in material well- being due to the gaps resulting from income inequality.

Summary by MedicalGroups.com

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