Unique Ways to Interview and Network Better in 2015


Josh Siva, co-author of Bold: Get Noticed, Get Hired, discusses the fears of that dreaded first interview and unique ways to interview and network better in a recent piece for the Huffington Post.

Apart from skills, employers in interviews are also searching for people who are interesting, engaging and personable. The following are 5 things one can do in an interview to better network:

  1. Travel to more interesting places, which are valuable and can tell a story.
  2. Learn a new skill and turn it into a habit that shows passion and commitment.
  3. Connect with someone new every month. For example, try using LinkedIn to reach out to someone else in your field.
  4. Get in shape because it will make you feel more confident and create a stronger image.
  5. Create a side project to give you something interesting and random to discuss.

Summary by MedicalGroups.com

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