How To Use ICD-10 Data


In this article by ICD 10 Watch, Edifecs surveyed over 454 healthcare organizations about what ICD-10 data can be used for.

The graph is based on the survey respondents from healthcare companies. Claims processing and quality improvement are the top two areas that companies planned to use ICD-10 data for. The lowest two areas are population/public health management and for the detection of fraud abuse.

Edifecs also shared additional data from their survey. For instance, most organizations have not begun testing.

  • 41% plan to begin in 2014
  • 24% will begin in 2015
  • 10% have no plans to test
  • 25% don’t know when they will start testing

Based on this article ICD-10 Data will have an extensive use due to the results of the surveys. Majority healthcare organizations are working on implementing ICD-10 Data this year.

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